Join the Evolve family!

When we first started Evolve, we never imagined a global community of passionate riders. From Evolve Riders World Cup to group rides around the world, Evolve has grown into a brand with a global family.

Evolve Riders World Cup

Every year Evolve riders from around the world gather together to both compete for the number one spot as the Evolve Riders World Cup Champion and to celebrate the shared passion for the endless wave. This event began in 2016 and has since been hosted in France twice.



Group rides

With many Evolve riders groups being created by customers online and in locations around the world you can connect with like minded people to share your favourite places to ride, tips, questions and love of electric skateboarding. Many customers have forged friendships around the world and we love watching the community grow!




Our YouTube series ‘Evolve Weekly’ regularly features videos submitted from riders around the world. We also cover topics suggested by the community, such as tips and tricks, how-to’s, news, tours and expos. Click here to check out our channel!




Evolve Insider was launched in mid 2017, and shares rider profiles, news, product updates, tips, and featured riders every month. We are always looking for new riders and community members to get involved in both our global and regional editions. Email us at for more information or click here to see the latest.